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Residential market

Construction of new homes

The construction of new homes represents nearly 90% of our business. One of the features of KESI CONSTRUCTION is our ability to find more efficient ways to do things and to design unprecedented structures. For instance, we have built a self-supporting cathedral ceiling, with no supporting columns. This achievement allowed us to win the 2008 Nobilis Excellence Award for best new housing unit.

In addition, we have developed yet another expertise in the construction of homes for the Cree community in Northern Québec. Digging foundations in soil that can freeze up to 12 feet deep has allowed us to develop strong expertise in the design of foundations as well as in the construction and protection of foundations.

This combined expertise relies on thorough planning of the work to be performed! The first critical step consists in assessing your needs and preferences based on your budget. The second step consists in meeting with our architect for drafting of the plans. As for the third step, building permits are secured and project implementation can begin. Subsequently, the project is performed from A to Z, from foundations to the finish work. Finally, your residence is inspected before you take possession of the premises. We deliver your project according to the planned schedule and within the budget set out.

We can also engage the services of a wide range of professionals from the construction industry such as an architect, an engineer, an interior designer, a notary or a decorator to guide and advise you as your project is taking shape!

Multi-Generational Homes

You’re thinking of inviting the grandparents to share a new home with your family and you want to ensure that they will have their own private space? You have children who are “young adults” coming back home to save money and you want to provide them with their own private space? You are part of a blended family with several children and need additional bedrooms as well as more than one kitchen and/or living room?

KESI CONSTRUCTION proposes to build or transform your single-family home into a multi-generational home!

A multi-generational home is an ideal living space for intergenerational families wishing to live under the same roof or for large blended families.

Multi-generational homes look like a regular home, but with two separate units. The main unit is generally larger, with three or even four bedrooms to accommodate a young family with children, while the other unit offers all the comforts of a full apartment with a bedroom, a kitchen, a dining room and a living room, as well as a bathroom and laundry area. For security reasons, both units are connected from the inside, although they have their own private entrance from the outside.

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