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Kevin Neeposh and Simon Bégin first met in 2006. Subsequent to this meeting, both contractors elected to join forces and create a new corporate partnership.

Between 2006 and 2009, Kevin and Simon learned to know one another by working together on a few renovation and construction projects on the Cree territory of Mistissini. Following completion of these projects and, as great results had been achieved, they founded a construction company operating on the Cree territories of Northern Québec.

In order to reach this common goal, Mr. Neeposh and Mr. Begin created 9210-5170 Québec Inc. on June 3, 2009 with its head office located in Mistissini, in the judicial district of Abitibi. The company operates under the name KESI Construction to facilitate internal and external communications.

From 2009 to 2011, KESI Construction and Entreprises Simon Bégin Inc. entered into a partnership agreement which allowed them to launch their business and perform a few construction and renovation projects for Cree nations.

In 2011, KESI Construction was officially recognized as an independent construction contractor in good standing with the required permits, licenses and authorizations, thereby becoming one of the first aboriginal construction companies legally constituted and able to perform any kind of construction work on the territory.

As a fully independent entity in its field of expertise since 2011, the company has extended its range of services to residential, commercial, modular and mining camp constructions. Furthermore, we can perform additional operations such as excavation work, rental of heavy equipment as well as transportation of materials, heavy equipment and general merchandise, in addition to transport by helicopter.

Thanks to booming business activities, sales literally skyrocketed. Despite such remarkable progress, business owners were able to maintain a high level of profitability, which is a testament to their ability to make strategic decisions in order to grow their company and enhance their expertise in managing the corporation.

We are now a proud partner of the network and we invite you to consult our ” Mistissini General Contractor “ fact sheet.

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We are one of the first aboriginal construction companies, legally constituted, in a position to perform any kind of construction work on the territory

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